Safety Tips

  • New Law
  • "A new law goes into effect in New York on Monday (2/22) that will require homeowners and residents to install carbon monoxide (CO) detectors in all residences that have any solid- or liquid-fuel burning systems or an attached garage.

This new law means that if you have an oil- or gas-burning furnace, a wood stove, working fireplace or other solid- or liquid-burning apparatus, you'll need to install a CO detector. The Columbia County Fire Chiefs' Association said in a release that carbon monoxide is produced whenever gas, oil, kerosene, wood or charcoal is burned. The amount of CO produced is not usually harmful, the release says, but CO poisoning can occur within minutes if the lethal gas is not properly vented.

This requirement has applied to new home construction and sales since 2002, and New York already requires at least one working smoke detector in every home.

Summer Tips

  • For better quality air & efficiency clean your A/C filters periodically
  • Don't get caught without propane — keep a spare tank