We welcome your testimonials

"Dear Andrew & Susan,
Just wanted to drop a line to say how much we appreciated your service. Finding supplies when you have a 10 month old is hard enough in your own hometown — but you guys came to the rescue.
I would highly recommend you to all weekenders!
Andrew & Monica"

"Dear Andrew,
As you are aware by now I have bought the draftiest house. I don’t think I would have been able to stay had it not been for all the things you have done for us. From putting in all the new windows, the new sliding patio door, and the radiant heating under the floor to putting in all the new drainage piping in our yard to avoid the flooding we experienced that first year.... The new staircase is another great job. Your work was well done and clean. I would recommend you to anyone needing a handyman, although that is too menial a title for your work. Please feel free to give my number to anyone looking for a reference.

"Andrew, founder of Country Comforts, has taken the stress out of being a weekend homeowner. For going on ten years, he have rendered his expert services for us. With skill, efficiency, honesty, and reliability, he has completed multiple projects for us from large projects to solving minor problems that could make a weekender’s life miserable.

Recently, Andrew completed a total kitchen renovation that is so beautifully done. Andrew installed all new cabinetry, new stove and sink, and intricate tile work, and then totally cleans up after himself.(!) When we walked in to see our new kitchen, we were thrilled. We had a previous renovation done many years ago with another local contractor that was not so successful.

Over the years, Andrew has installed a new boiler, fixed broken pipes, and detected a faulty venting system in our attic during a routine winter check. We have come to rely on Andrew for more mundane, yet necessary tasks, such as taking in the mail when we are absent, lawn mowing, snow plowing, cleaning the roof gutters, receiving deliveries, tire changing, cleaning up trees and debris from our property, turning up the heat before we arrive in the winter, and interfacing with our alarm company. All of this is done with efficiency and good cheer.

I cannot conceive of any task that he would not be capable of undertaking. With a Masters in mathematics and deep sense of intelligence and integrity, Andrew figures it out! Also offers a cleaning service and a food shopping service.

Country Comforts has been a great support system for us. Their only flaw is that as people increasing discover their great services, they will have to learn to clone themselves!
Mary Anne & Michael"